Agrisanterno S.C.A. is a company belonging to the group Agrimola.
Born in 1997, it combines about 100 farmers, who give their best productions for years.


Agrisanterno s.c.a. It has its registered office in Imola (BO) and a local drive in Casalfiumanese at Agrimola S.p.A. Via G. di Vittorio n.30.
It adheres Confcooperative national trade association.
Agrisanterno S.C.A., since 2004 has been associated with the OP Apoconerpo (the largest organization of fruit and vegetable producers of Europe), and the associated agricultural producers are subject to compliance with the specifications of integrated control.
It is committed in the processing of about 1.300 tons of annual summer fruit, while the quantity of marroni and chestnuts machined is about 1.800 tons (every year) for a total of about 2.900 tons of processed fruits.


Agrisanterno is principally engaged in the production of:
• peaches: steam peeled, halves, sliced, cubes 10×10 mm, diced IQF, puree and pulp frozen in block, aseptic puree;
• chestnuts: steam peeled or on”fire” IQF, frozen puree in block, frozen aseptic puree;
• Apricot: halves or diced IQF, puree and pulp frozen block, aseptic puree;
• plums: pitted halfway IQF, puree and pulp frozen block, puree in aseptic;
• Cherries: Pitted IQF, puree and pulp frozen in block;

It has recently also active in the processing of oranges and lemons. The whole fruit is sliced and frozen in bulk, it can be pureed and fine pulp (frozen in bulk or packaged aseptically), also available in frozen juice block.

Making and Plants

The fresh fruit, as the first process of machining, is subjected to washing, mechanical removal of leaves and kernels (where applicable), manual sorting for the removal of defects and foreign bodies and finally undergoes the transformation, like planned for the production program.

The fresh fruit is stored in refrigerated cells (maintained between 0°C and +4°C) equipped with ozone-enriched atmosphere. The frozen fruit is maintained at temperatures < -18° C, preferably -20° C. Agrisanterno S.C.A. is equipped for deep freezing I.Q.F. with Flow Freeze, this technique is particularly suitable for preserving the best quality of fresh fruit in pieces or block with static tunnel that rapidly reaches -35 ° C. Complete the equipment: lines of washing, sorting and preparation for specific types of fruit and pre and post freezing packaging machines. The company has a modern optical sorter for the elimination of the unsuitable fruit and foreign bodies, and advanced systems for metal detection. The structure is equipped with cold stores operating at 0 ° C and -25 ° C.

Quality and certifications

The product is subjected both in acceptance and in processing to frequent and careful quality checks to verify their compliance with business requirements and customer feedback.
Records are kept of these checks available to anyone who requests it.
Productions conferred to Agrisanterno s.c.a. are complyed with the specification of the integrated production, and are certified, regarding to organic production, ICEA Institute of Bologna.